Community Paramedic

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The mission of the Community Paramedic Advisory committee is to advance community paramedicine in Minnesota by developing best practices, supporting and strengthening training, and serving as an information resource to assure continuity and consistency throughout the state

 For information contact the MAA at [email protected]



Chair Susan Long


Amber Brown 
Joy Bukow 
Peter Carlson 
Dave Demcho 
Jason Eblen 
Brian Edwards 
Emilie Hedlund 
Kai Hjermstad 
Julie Jenson MD 
Dave Johnson 
Jennifer Kirchner 
Cory Kissling 
Brendan Krupich 
Amber Lage 
Ron Lawler 
Ann Majerus 
Lucas Meyers 
Jeff Morgan 
Jennifer Murphree 
Tia Radant 
Dennis Russell 
Jana Berends-Sletten 
Peter Tanghe MD 
Mark Weiberg 
Mike Wilcox MD